Artisan Box Generator

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Q. What is 'Lid Tolerance'?
A. Every printer and laser cutter is different and the lid you make may be too tight or too loose. This setting lets you adjust the fit of your lid.

Q. What is 'Cell Wall Height'?
A. This sets how tall the walls around each artisan are. Too tall and it will be hard to get keycaps out. Too short and keycaps may escape their cell during transport.

Q. What is 'Maximum Artisan Height'?
A. Not all artisans stand at the same height. The table below shows the heights of some popular artisans. If you plan on using a lid, make sure your tallest artisan is shorter than the "Maximum Artisan Height" setting.
Sculpt Maker Height (mm)
Baby Dragon Krap 19.6
BongoCat HelloCaps 13.2
Colonel Booper 14.7
Earl Hunger Work Studio 10.8
Fugu Nightcaps 14.5
Hugo Suited Up Keycaps 14.2
Keyby cysm 9.8
Keyng Hunger Work Studio 14.8
Keypora AlphaKeycaps 11.4
Menloe Nightcaps 15
Orochi Keyforge 15
Ribbit BroCaps 14
Velites GoldenstarKeycap 17.2
Watcher Ritual Master 11.6
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